Registration forms for our scheduled 4x4 tours

How to register for a tour and find out more

Every tour programme has it's own application form, you just need to click on the "Application form" tab. Here are direct links to the scheduled tour's application forms:

5-11. April 2015. - Western Serbia Easter tour
14-20. June 2015. - Eastern Serbian springtime adventure
12-18. July 2015. - Transylvania 2015
23-29. August 2015 - Montenegro highlands adventure
20-26. September 2015 - Macedonia 2015
4-17. October 2015. - Balkans Mud Tracks

Please read the Additional Terms and Conditions for 4x4 tours before sending in your application. Upon receiving a valid application we will supply you with an invoice and bank transfer instructions for the advance payment necessary to reserve your place in the tour.

If you have more questions, or want to send an informal application for a tour before you officially apply, you can fill out the form below: