Offroad / overland 4×4 tours in the Balkans

Our mission

Offering the most exquisite wilderness 4×4 offroad / overland expeditional tours in the Balkans.

We want to show you the pure beauty of nature. To give you the privilege to be in places that few have been to before. Places that we’ve discovered during 40 years of continuous, passionate exploration, both on wheels and on foot. That’s our idea of 4×4 overlanding. Let us take you to the last oasis of unrestricted offroad travel. Places out of the modern world, where time stands still and all your worries are left behind.

Corona pandemic update

As the year progresses it is becoming clearer that the “pandemic” is a political project, rather than a global medical issue. Many factors are pointing in that direction, starting from the double standards in evaluating the risks in EU and non-EU countries, the repercussions governments are taking against visitors of various countries, to the statistics of the pandemic, which indicate that very disproportional measures are being taken compared to those in previous years when epidemics of respiratory diseases were happening. But that is a complex subject that we have no intentions of dicussing here.

Therefore, it is practically impossible to predict when life will “get back to normal” – it will happen the moment a political decision to do so is reached. In the meantime, we have to continue living the best we can, and we have to at least attempt to organize our tours. With all respect to your decision to possibly obey the recommendations of your government, we think that the risks of travelling are immesurably lower than what is being declared, especially in this type of travel through the wilderness that we practice, where there are virtually none. As overland travellers from EU travel these countries which are on the EU “red list” even at this very moment (Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia), we suppose that some of our customers may also decide to take part in our tours, supporting our viewpoint and taking full responsibility for their actions. Therefore, we will proceed with organizing all of our tours in Serbia according to the schedule (we guarantee the guidance of all tours which have at least 3 bookings), and the fate of our tours in other countries of the Balkans will depend on the border regimes imposed (at the moment two members of the Rustika Expeditions team, as owners of Serbian passports, are not allowed to enter EU countries).

Calendar of our offroad tours / travel offerings

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Balkans Wild Tracks

offroad tours / travel in Greece / Albania

September 13th – 25th 2020
August 15th – 27th 2021

Experience the wild beauty of the jewel of the Balkans – southern Albania and northern Greece

Duration – 13 days
Wild camping + hotels (2 nights)
Approximate length – 1500 km
Technical difficulty – easy to moderate
AT tyres recommended, MT optional

Price per vehicle with driver – 1.390 €
(passengers pay 150 € each)

Trails of Gods

offroad tours / travel in Greece

October 26th – November 4th 2020
October 25th – November 3rd 2021

Overlanding through the mindblowing landscape of southern Greece

5 nights in hotels + 5 nights of wild camping (combined tour)
Duration – 10 days
Approximate length – 1200 km
Technical difficulty – easy to moderate
AT class tyres recommended

Price per vehicle with driver – 1.390 €
(passengers pay 300 € each)

Ancient Trails

offroad tours / travel in Serbia

May 17th – 26th 2021

Through the heart of central Serbia
Duration – 10 days / 7 days
Wild camping (your own camping gear)
Approximate length – 1000 / 700 km
Technical difficulty – moderate
AT class tyres minimum

1090 € per vehicle (long tour)
770 € per vehicle (short tour)

Rhodopean Quest

offroad tours / travel in Bulgaria

September 6 – 15th 2021

An enchanting journey through the most attractive Bulgarian mountains

Duration – 10 days
Wild camping (your own camping gear)
Approximate length – 900 km
Technical difficulty – moderate with hard details
MT tyres recommended, AT minimum

Price – 1090 € (regardless of passenger number)

Secret Carpathians

offroad tours / travel in Serbia

October 12 – 18th 2020 (hotel)
June 6 – 15th 2021 (camping)
July 5 – 14th 2021 (camping)
October 3 – 9th 2021 (hotel)

Beyond the known Carpathian world 
Duration – 6 / 10 days
Approximate length – 600 – 1000 km
Technical difficulty – moderate
AT minimum, MT class tyres recommended

1090 € long (camping) tours (May/June 2020)
1050 € hotel tour (21-26. October) for vehicle and driver +250 € per passenger

Homolje Gold Rush

offroad tours / travel in Serbia

November 15th – 21st 2020
April 11th – 17th 2021

Mud, sorcery and ancient traditions
Duration – 7 days
Hotel accomodation (HB)
Approximate length – 800 km
Technical difficulty – moderate
AT minimum, MT class tyres recommended

1050 € per vehicle with driver + 250 € for every passenger

Montenegro Highlands

offroad tours / travel in Montenegro

July 16-25th 2021

Dramatic landscape and wilderness of Dinaric mountains

Duration – 10 days
Wild camping (your own camping gear)
Approximate length – 1000 km
Difficulty – easy to intermediate

1090 € per vehicle

Discounts up to 20% for our regular customers!
(depending on the number of tours you’ve taken part in)

Photo Album

Do you really want to SEE what you will experience if you decide to explore the world with us? Every year we make an effort to choose the very best among thousands of our photos. Not an easy task! So here are those Best Of… albums for the last several seasons. Enjoy the views! 🙂

Our customers about us

Listen to what our customers have to say about their experience with us, in their own words. If you want to share your impressions too, we’ll be glad to publish them!

Unsere 10-tägige Serbientour war top – es gibt wohl niemanden, der mehr geheime Pfade kennt als Alek! Auch immer eine Ausweichroute parat, was man ja manchmal braucht. Serbien ist echt ein tolles Land, kann nur raten, hin zu fahren, solange es noch so urtümlich ist. Haben uns allzeit gut aufgehoben und sicher gefühlt (auch bei diversen Bergemaßnahmen). Würde gern wieder eine Tour mitfahren. Zusätzlich empfehle ich noch dringend kompletten Lackschutz für das ganze Auto!

Beate Botzenhardt, Germany

I met Alek online back in 2010 while prepping for a personal holiday in Serbia. During that holiday, he was so kind to give us an almost “private” reconnaissance tour of the area around the Tara National park, which ultimately led to our visit with Jeep Club Belgium to beautiful Serbia in 2011. Our group of about 15 Jeeps was guided through the most diverse scenic landscapes, we enjoyed local food and expert guidance, and topped the holiday off with a luxury stay in Belgrade. There also, Alek turned out to be a warm and very enjoyable host! In 2012, for a third visit, we discovered the fantastic East-Serbian Danube region … Our friendship is lasting, and I would definitely recommend discovering unknown Serbia through Alek!

Hendrik de Baker, Belgium

Es waren jetzt zwei aufregende, spannende Touren. Um meine Sicherheit hatte ich nie Sorgen, die Landschaft ist traumhaft und der Guide nicht nur kompetent, sondern auch besorgt um das Wohl seiner Gäste. Ich komme wieder!

Martin Zorn, Germany

Die Balkan Wild Track Tour war ein tolles Erlebnis. In drei Länder mit unterschiedlich grandiosen Landschaften konnten wir wilde Schönheit des Balkan erleben.
Nach dem Anfang, wo wir die Wege in Griechenland teilweise noch gesucht haben, begann ein Abenteuer durch Albanien, Mazedonien und Serbien.
Wir haben alles während der Tour gehabt, eine tolle Gruppe, zwei sehr kompetennte und klasse Führer, mediterraner warmer Herbst, Schnee, viel Sonne aber auch Temperaturen unter 0 Grad, Höhen bis 2600 m, teilweise schöne ruhige entspannte und dann wieder sehr extreme Off-Road Strecken. Es war bestimmt für jeden was dabei. Ich werde mich gerne immer wieder an diese Tour erinnern. Es lohnt sich einfach daran teizunehmen.

Norbert Slanina, Germany

My husband and I joined the 2019 Montenegro Highlands Tour, and boy were we happy we did! The landscape was beautiful, the roads were fun, and Alek was super knowledgeable about every aspect of the area including camping spots and alternative roads for the more hard core members of our group.
This was by far the BEST off-road tour we have ever done and literally just booked another tour with Aleksandar. We can’t wait for the next adventure!

Rose & Jens Thomas, Germany

Vielen Dank für die tolle Woche die das Strongbol Team erleben durfte. Hier ist das Land und in Wildnis noch unberührt für viel Spass beim Offroad fahren. Es hat allen viel Spaß gemacht und es war für jeden was dabei von leicht bis extrem.
Das war für uns bestimmt nicht die letzte Tour nach Serbien!

Holger Durst, Germany

I had the pleasure of joining one of Alek’s tours last year and it was great. For me it was the perfect balance between offroad excitement and peaceful moments in nature. I got to see parts of a beautiful country and meet some very nice people. I’m really looking forward to my next tour in August 

Alexandru Mag, Romania

Vorerst liebe Grüsse aus Österreich. Wir sprechen heute noch von dieser eindrucksvollen Tour mit Dir .Alex hat die Route sehr gut gefallen auch hat die Gruppe gut zusammen gepasst, es waren alles sehr gute off-road Fahrer.Mich hat das Schöne unberührte Land beeindruckt.

Margareta & Alex McCool, Austria

Unsere Snow-Adventure-Tour war ein sehr tolles Erlebnis. Die Landschaft und Kultur hat uns sehr fasziniert. Die täglichen Offroadtouren waren Spannung und Action pur!
Alek hat uns bestens durch die Gegend geführt und ist auf unsere besonderen Wünsche eingegangen. Ein rundum gut abgestimmtes Offroaderlebnis, das Lust auf mehr macht!

Wolfgang Sacher, Germany

If you have been on some of our tours and haven’t contributed your impressions yet, feel free to write something in the comment section below (if you don’t see the comment field, click HERE). We’ll transfer your comment to the section above as soon as we spot it!

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