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e have been successfully guiding 4×4 groups organized by our partner companies from western Europe for more than 10 years now. Our satisfied customers keep coming back, overwhelmed by the experience of the wild Balkans outdoors that we can reveal to them, hungry for discovering new secrets on their 4×4 adventures every year. Our GPS database that exceeds 30.000 km of assorted trails explored during 40 years of extensive outdoors travels and adventure guiding is regularly updated every season, since the weather elements are not being gentle to us lately. You can also benefit by making a long term partnership with us, which will guarantee a very promising new 4×4 playground for your customers in the heart of Europe, that was previously almost unknown.


5 reasons for conducting a 4x4 tour in Serbia

  • Complete freedom of 4×4 movement in the wilderness
  • Dynamic, challenging, picturesque, inspiring terrain
  • Closer to western Europe than many similar terrains
  • You can camp almost ANYWHERE in the wild
  • It’s absolutely safe


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