Loyalty reward

Up to 20% discount for our returning customers

Loyalty reward for our returning customers up to 20%

We want to express special gratitude to the people who keep returning to experience offroad adventures with Rustika Travel over and over again. They’re not only our customers, but also our dear friends, and we thank them for their loyalty by reducing the tour price for every tour they’ve travelled with us by 5%. That means

  • for your 2nd tour you get 5% discount
  • taking part in your 3rd tour brings you 10% discount
  • 4th Rustika Travel tour is 15% cheaper for you
  • and finally, 5th and every followiing tour brings you 20% lower price

And, as a special gift, 10th tour with Rustika Travel is completely FREE!
(excluding accomodation expenses)

This offer applies only to our individual customers, not our tour operating and 4×4 club partners.