Balkans snow trails

Can you handle the tough Balkan winter? Try it!

Dec 22nd 2017 - Jan 2nd 2018

When the wind starts howling, wave after wave of snow blizzards encase the serbian Carpathians in white, everyone flees them as fast as possible, knowing that they can be stranded there until springtime. Everyone, except us. That is when we pack up our winter recovery gear and engage on the snowdrift surfing tour through that vast kingdom of the wolves... And when we conquer the Carpathians, it's time to move over to Dinaric Alps, for a whole different flavour of a snow adventure! And inbetween our daily ice games, we'll bask in the warm thermal pools and enjoy the spicy Serbian cuisine, having a memorable ethno New Year party on December 31st. There's no better way to experience the Balkan winter!

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