Calendar of our 4×4 Van (Truck) & SUV tours

How do 4×4 Van or SUV tours differ from our standard overlanding tours?

They are adjusted to the capabilities of such vehicles, and expectations of their drivers. In case of van (truck) tours that means that, while being focused on very beautiful wild campsites, the trails that connect them are much more conservatively chosen than for standard offroad vehicles. They are wider (much less overgrown with vegetation), to accomodate larger vehicles, usually gravel (with a tendency to avoid mud and slippery surfaces, which are a hazard for big, heavy vehicles), avoiding extreme rates of climb and descent, and most of all avoiding strong sideangles (which is especially dangerous for vehicles with higher centre of gravity). When no adequate dirt road options exist, we resort to tarmac, so you should count on about 50% of the overall number of kilometres for van tours to be along tarmac sideroads. In van tours we drive less hours a day, spend more time in the the beautiful campspots, and in the 10-day tours have one rest day, when we spend two nights in a especially beautiful campspot, from where it’s easy to conduct interesting hiking trips and other outdoor activities.

When it comes to SUV tours (tours for unmodified, factory standard SUV’s), the choice of trails is very similar to those for van tours, only maybe a bit more strict, as we insist on good gravel roads, so that they’re safe for standard road tyres which these SUVs have. In case such roads are unavailable, we again resort to tarmac alternatives, so SUV tours are also (at least) 50% conducted on tarmac sideroads. What significantly differs between van and SUV tours is that the accomodation for SUV tours is in first class luxury hotels, which SUV drivers usually expect, as they rarely have any interest for camping. Therefore, in SUV tours longer daily driving hours should be expected, as it is sometimes necessary to gap the distance from one good hotel to the next one, and there’s no need for the extra hours of camp preparation every day (so we can end our daily driving rounds later in the afternoon/evening).

Now just a final word on the van/truck tours. You maybe wonder why do they have to be 4×4 versions, and not the standard 2WD camper vans? Well, in order to adjust the tracks to 2WD campers, we’d almost have to drive 100% on tarmac, so that would effectively strip these tours of any wilderness flavour and alter the itineraries significantly. The 4×4 vans/trucks are necessary not only because of their four-wheel-drive capability, but also because of higher clearance, which is necessary to tackle many bumpy gravel roads, and to be able to reach a satisfactory camping position in many wild campspots.

Our upcoming van (truck) & SUV tours by dates

Serbian Green Paradise

July 15-24th 2024

Discover the secrets of serbian Carpathians
Type – van / truck tour
Duration – 10 days
Approximate length – 600 km
Technical difficulty – easy to medium
Tarmac/gravel rate – 50/50%

1390 € per vehicle

Discover Peloponese

September 24th – October 4th 2024

Ancient culture, beautiful nature and the mediterranean

Type – standard offroad / van / truck tour (dual type)
10 nights in wildcamps + 1 night in official camps (camping tour)
Duration – 12 days
Approximate length – 1650 km (1150 onroad / 500 offroad)
Technical difficulty – 1-3/10
Scratching rate – 0-1/10 (practically NONE)

Price – 1.889 € per vehicle

Wild Montenegro

August 12-21st 2024

Through the highlands of Montenegro
Type – van / truck tour
Duration – 10 days
Approximate length – 900 km
Technical difficulty – easy
Tarmac/gravel rate – 35/65%

1390 € per vehicle

Discounts up to 20% for our regular customers!
(depending on the number of tours you’ve taken part in)