Pricing of Rustikatravel hiking tours

Basic prices and optional extras

Pricing of hiking tours (per day / person)

Including optional extras

Base price of hiking tour dependent on group size

(includes the services of one guide and itinerary logistics)

30+ persons – 5 €
20+ persons – 8 €
15+ persons – 10 €
10+ persons – 15 €
5+ persons – 30 €
4 persons – 40 €
3 persons – 50 €
2 persons – 75 €
1 person – 150 €

Optional extras

  • Accomodation and meals per person, half board – 20-40 € (depending on accomodation class)
  • Lunch per person – 10 €
  • Minibus transport per km (30 people) – 1 €
  • Big van transport per km (20 people) – 0,7 €
  • Minivan transport per km (8 people) – 0,5 €
  • 4×4 vehicle (on-road) transport per km (4 people) – 0,5 €
  • 4×4 vehicle as offroad luggage and medical support, per km – 0,7 €
  • Dedicated driver for 4×4 vehicle (in case the vehicles are not driven by customers or guide) – 50 € per day + accomodation expenses
  • Cook for preparing meals at campsites – 50 € per day + accomodation expenses (if any) + meal ingredience costs
  • Renting tablet / GPS device (maps, tracks and POIs of chosen area included) – 10 € per day
  • Renting a 2-3 person tent – 15 € per day

Note regarding vehicles:
The minibuses/big vans/vans come with a driver included in the lease price (for multi-day tours you only need to add the driver’s accomodation costs). The 4×4 vehicles can be driven either by you or our guide. So the price of 50 € per day for an additional driver applies only in cases when you need someone to drive the 4×4 vehicle as support, and your guide will be busy guiding you on foot. All fuel expenses are already included in the lease price.

How is a daily hiking tour price calculated?

Calculating your tour price is simple – you just need to add all the services that you need.

Paying only the base price per person means that you have your own transport, and you want to take care of the accomodation and meals during the trip yourself – so in that case you pay only the price from the basic table on the left side. But in most cases, you’ll need some additional services. Here is an example of a typical hiking tour.

Suppose that you have a group of 10 people. That will be a base price of 15€ per person a day. In order to reach the hiking area from Belgrade you also need transport, so you’ll probably choose a minivan + 4×4, or a big van. Lets suppose that you’ve chosen the big van as the more economical choice. To find out what will be the lease price for the big van, you need to find out the kilometre count for the trip (you can see that in the programmes). So it could be something like 400*0,7=280 €. You’ll probably want us to organize the lunch for you somewhere along the way, so that will be an additional 10 € per person. There may be a few more Euros per person if you’re visiting some museum, cave or other point of interest that requires tickets, but to make it simple, we’ll leave it out of this calculation. So here it is – (15*10)+(400*0,7)+(10*10)=530 €, or if we divide it among the 10 participants, the overall price of your daily hike is 53 € per person (if the person count in your group was 20, the price per person for the same trip would be only 32 €).

In the multi-day tours you will probably want to include the accomodation costs (except in the case of 100% wild camping), as well as other services that you may want to use. If it’s tiresome to do the calculation, you don’t need to bother – just fill out the tour application form, and we’ll do the calculation for you and send you a price quote!


Note regarding tour scheduling:

Tours for a small number of participants are obviously more expensive than tours for larger groups. If you want to save by joining with some other group, you can post data about your desired tour dates and destination in our Facebook group, so that other prospective visitors could see it, and maybe join in to make a more budget friendly tour. You can also ask us to forward your plan to our Facebook pages, or to mediate with other customers in trying to make a joint tour.