Dental tourism

The reason for the interest of foreign patients seeking dental care outside of their local health care systems is the lower price of service. The reason foreign patients come to Serbia is a professional service of Serbian dentists, beautiful tourist destination full with spa resorts and mountain resorts, and all of this at significantly lower prices than in their home countries.


Serbian dentists are well known for their expertise, modern practices and affordable prices for dental services – some dental interventions cost up to 75% less than in most European countries and USA or Canada.

You might think that a trip to Serbia for dental services is too complicated. In fact, it is very simple,  you will save your money and also energy. You will receive professional service in the field of dentistry and in the field of tourism. As many of our visitors who live abroad already know, it is necessary to pass a lot of time between scheduling a meeting with the dentist to the first examination and treatment. It may occur that people wait several weeks to initiate the simplest dental procedure.

In our case:

Contact us by e-mail or fill out our application form. Write the details and requirements related to your dental problem. If it is possible send us a report from your dentist, as well as the time of your approximate arrival, and we will contact you within 24 hours with the details about meeting with the dentist, accommodation in our hotels, departure to the city of Belgrade Your chosen destination and everything else that you are interested in.


  • We will help you to find the cheapest flight from your city (or city in your environment) to Belgrade.
  • Upon arrival in Belgrade you will be welcomed by our guide who will give you all necessary informationabout your stay in Serbia.
  • We will provide you with the best accommodation that we offer.
  • We will organize your meeting with the dentist and a pleasant stay during your dental treatment.

We make the whole travel program specifically for each patient.
We Care!