Iron gate extras cycling tour

The adventure that Eurovelo 6 won’t give you


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Iron Gate extras tour (EuroVelo 6 + much more)

7 days, price per person 500 – 1300 € (depends on group size, accomodation options and contents of our service)


EuroVelo 6 is one of the official European cycling routes, well marked, and with good logistic support, including brochures and maps in several languages. However, thousands of cyclists that pass by during the year wonder what exists in the mountains further from Danube shoreline, but lacking any information, they rarely venture into the unknown wilderness. We know exacly what there is to see, how to get there, and we offer to reveal those secrets exclusively to you as our client! So what do you actually uncover when you venture out on the mystical side of the EuroVelo 6?

First of all, we’ll introduce you to the most beautiful trails through the Iron Gate national park forests, which often resemble a real jungle. On this tour you won’t miss any of the must see scenic points from the cliffs above Danube, no matter how far it is from the main roads, or how difficult to access. We’ll show you some of our secret camping spots deep in the wilderness, well away from the standard cyclists routes, and when we reach the end of the Iron Gate national park we’ll make a turn inland further south, to show you what else northeastern Serbia has to offer. And that is, in fact, quite a lot! There is quite a number of picturesque mountain peaks in the Homolje mountains that are well worth the effort of pedaling uphill (with just a bit of hiking here and there), and the majestic natural stone arches of eastern Serbia are something that no nature lover travelling through Serbia should miss to see! And we’ve introduced them to the public back in the 20th century, so we know the exact location of all of them. The allure of gold washing is also strong in the Homolje mountains, and we’ll take you to the golden streams where the locals will show us the ancient ways. And another breathtaking landmark of eastern Serbia are it’s caves – during these seven days we’ll visit several of them.

So, it will truly be a journey packed with impressions, that will transcend anything that you’ve previously imagined that a cycling tour could be. You will encounter the true magic of eastern Serbia!

Tour plan by days
Day 1 (about 20 km cycling)

The group will be picked up from Belgrade Airport, and, if the flight schedule permits, taken for a short sightseeing bike tour of Belgrade. After that the group boards the van and is taken to the town of Golubac, at the very beginning of the Iron Gate national park, where the gorge of the Danube river starts. This day will be an on-road day, following the EuroVelo 6 along the Danube, visiting the Golubac fortress before we reach the Toma camp at the Danube riverbank some 20 km away from Golubac. In the village of Brnjica we will make a break at Toma restaurant for dinner. The group spends the first night in the Toma campground, which has camping facilities (hot showers and toilets, electricity).

Day 2 (about 50 km cycling)

After having breakfast in the Toma camp, we follow the Danube coastline along the main road for another 6-7 km, until we reach the village Dobra, where our offroad tour for the day starts. We ride on a dirt road along a small river and cross it several times, before our ascent to the mountain ridge starts. Quite a strong ascent in the first 1 km, it soon becomes much less extreme, and we continue on a winding forest dirt road slowly gaining altitude until we reach the highest peak of the Iron Gate mountains, 803 m tall Šomrda. After enjoying the majestic view of the endless forests that make up the scenery to the south and making a short picnic lunch break, we return towards the Danube and climb another major scenic point, Sokolovac, overlooking the Danube. From there we take an easy descent through picturesque scenery towards Lepenski Vir archeological site, passing through the striking Boljetin river canyon. After the visit to the museum of the Lepenski vir archeological site we’ll have dinner at the nearby restaurant, enjoying the local specialties, and fish from the Danube. We camp for the next night at a discrete wild campsite on the Danube about 1 km away, at the confluence of Boljetinska river into Danube.

Day 3 (about 70 km of cycling)

Third day of the tour takes us through Boljetin village, after which we follow the Mala river upstream, slowly ascending towards the Liškovac ridge. Upon reaching the paved road Majdanpek – Donji Milanovac, we follow it for several kilometres, to turn of for a 1 km detour in order to reach the Kovilovo scenic viewpoint, where we’ll rest for a while enjoying the view. Another point that we’ll visit is several kilometres down the ridge – the Kapetan Misha’s hill art collony, where we can see the exhibition and take a short break over a welcome drink in beautiful view of the Danube. Descending from the ridge we get on the main road following Danube river, to reach Donji Milanovac, the administrative centre and headquarters of the Iron Gate national park. After a short tour of the town, a lunch break and a chance to get resupplied, we continue downstream following the main road, until we reach the turnoff point towards Miroč village. Now we climb the Miroč plateau, pass Miroč village and settle for the night in a beautiful camping spot at Ravna reka, where we’ll prepare dinner on our own.

Day 4 (about 60 km of cycling)

The day for a roundtrip of Miroč mountain and visiting the most picturesque part of the Iron Gate gorge. After breakfast we’ll hop on the bikes while our support vehicle will pack up the camping gear, and we’ll continue towards the widely scattered Golubinje village, for a pleasent dirt road descent to the Danube again. After several kilometres along the narrowest part of the Iron Gate gorge we’ll turn off pavement and pedal upwards again, reaching the scenic point of Ploče. After taking a photo shoot break and visiting the natural museum there, we continue towards an even higher scenic point, Mali Štrbac, with cliffs rising more than 500 m above the Danube. There we’ll have a 20 minute hike to the very viewpoint, and with this magnificent view finally say goodbye to Danube, heading inland deep into the Miroč forests, in the direction of Petrovo selo. Passing on the outskirts of the village we continue southwards, until we descend to the very beautiful Blederija waterfall. We’ll set up our next campsite near the Blederija waterfall, where we’ll cook dinner for the group.

Day 5 (about 70-90 km of cycling)

We continue further south, with our first goal for the day being the Vratna Stone arches, a world famous natural monument on the Vratna river. Reaching Vratna will take us about 2 hours of cycling on a combination of dirt and paved roads, taking the faster way in order to be able to reach Stol mountain by the end of the day. We’ll leave our bikes by the support vehicle at the Vratna monastery and spend about an hour on a hike to the two adjecent Vratna arches, and back. After returning, in the cafe outside the monastery, we’ll prepare an early lunch. Since this is an ambitious day, we’ll have a short vehicle transfer to the Popadija pass in order to reach Stol mountain well before the end of the day (athletically capable groups with good pace can make a dirt road cycling climb, without the use of support vehicle). The final approach to the lake on Stol moutain will be quite demanding, but well worth the effort because of the heavenly environment where we’ll spend the next night camping. Again, our support crew prepares dinner for the group at the lakeside.

Day 6 (about 60 km of cycling)

The final full day of our tour will be a very picturesque one, with an inspiring ridge descent towards Gornjane village, having the long, rocky ridge of the Veliki Krš mountain in full view almost all the time. From Gornjane we’ll have a short paved ascent to the Vrata pass between Veliki and Mali Krš, continuing along the Mali Krš / Garvan / Kununa ridge afterwards, on a dynamic and inspiring, but technically slightly demanding trail, full of great viewpoints. We’ll descend to the village of Blizna, to the ethno-restaurant Balić, where we’ll be served a traditional meal for lunch. After having lunch, we’ll head towards the town of Majdanpek, visiting the Beli Izvori waterfalls and the Šuplja stena stone arch (the highest one in eastern Serbia). Upon reaching Majdanpek we’ll pass through town and make a campsite on the plateau by the Mali Pek river, right in front of Rajko’s cave. There’s an option of preparing our own dinner there, or cycling down to Majdanpek to have dinner in a restaurant (3 km away).

Day 7 (about 50 km of cycling)

On the morning of the last day of the tour we’ll have a guided tour of Rajko’s cave that will last for about 1 hour, after which we’ll hop on our bikes for an easy 10 km ride to the Debeli Lug village, where we’ll have a traditional breakfast in the village tavern. After breakfast we’ll go to Todor’s river, where the last professional gold washer in eastern Serbia, our dear friend Perica, will demonstrate the ancient skill of gold washing from the river. We’ll continue on the main road towards Kučevo, where we’ll end the tour around Voluja, where our support vehicle will be waiting to pack up our bikes and transport the group back to Belgrade, where we’ll have a farewell late lunch in a riverside restaurant.


The primary version of this tour is a camping tour, because that is the optimal way to distribute daily routes more evenly and spend more time in some memorable spots in the wilderness. However, it can also be conducted as a hotel / private pansion accomodation tour, but it would require compromise – modifications of the route, and occasional vehicle transport in order to reach the accomodation points in time. Whichever version of the tour you choose, we’ll do our best to preserve the attractions and dynamics of the tour to make it a memorable experience.


The group will be transported to the location by a comfortable airconditioned 8+1 van with rooftop bicycle carriers, which will be available for local trasfers throughout the tour, making it possible for participants to abandon the daily tour and get to the accomodation point by van if they find the trails too exhausting (there will be several prescheduled meeting points on every daily route). In areas with no mobile coverage the van driver will be equipped with PMR radio in order to be able to communicate with the group guide on bycicle.

Active guidance

The group will have active guidance by an experienced biker equipped with a GPS with preloaded maps of the area, waypoints and tracks, so there would be no risk of turning off route. The guide will also be a skilled bike mechanic, capable of performing even advanced repair tasks on site. The guide will be a person with above average physical training, capable of adapting to any pace the group demands.

Expenses included in the tour plan

  • All accomodation costs, where they apply
  • All meals (either in restaurants, or prepared by our crew in the campsites)
  • Van for transporting the group
  • Services of the guide/mechanic (excluding possible new parts that had to be used for repairs)
  • Tickets for access to reservations and local attractions, where applicable

Price of the tour per person depends on the number of participants in the group, accomodation type and service contents. Please give us your detailed requirements so that we can calculate the tour price for your group accurately