Cycling adventures in Serbia

Discover the magical land of Freebiking!

More than 30 years of experience
More than 30.000 km of GPS tracks

What makes Rustika Travel a unique cyclotouring operator in Serbia? We can take you just about ANYWHERE on your 2 wheels, even far off the beaten path! Through more than 30 years of personal experience in hiking and biking exploration of the Balkans we’ve gathered more than 30.000 km of unique GPS tracks, forming a database of wilderness knowledge that is hard to match. Many exciting discoveries and points of interest in the wild were introduced to the Serbian public for the first time by us, making them ever more popular in the years that followed. So, simply put, by letting us organize your cycling adventure in Serbia you turn to the very source of the most exciting MTB and cyclotouring trails in the area – we literally draw our own maps!


We offer you

  • Experienced, friendly guides, speaking English and German, with good athletic capabilities and perfect knowledge of terrain, capable of completing mechanic repairs on the spot
  • Modern support vehicles to get you to the starting point of your tour, and transport your equipment, so you ride light
  • Complete organization of your tour, including hotel or camping accomodation (by preference), meals, and additional logistic support
  • Choice of 100% paved road tours, dirt road tours, or combined (tailored to your bike type, preferences, pace and skills)
  • Good quality bikes for rent, in case you choose to fly in without your own equippment

Our cycling tour organizers introduced mountain biking to Serbia late in the 20th century, at the time when few dared to leave the paved roads. They were the pioneers to explore the deep forests of Serbian mountains, to dwell into the labyrinth of forest trails, and come out with new discoveries every time. In 1997 they started the Freebiking website, which was the core of a movement of free MTB explorers, an enthusiastic group of friends that spontaneously grew and thrived around the website and forum for the next 18 years. So by trusting us to introduce you to the cycling secrets of Serbia you’re in good hands, and can be sure to get the ultimate experience, regardless of the chosen road type or whether you prefer urban or wild scenery.

Images from 18 years of Freebiking say it better than words!

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Our tours

Western Serbian tour

A tour taking place in the striking landscapes of western Serbia dominated by deep canyons, lakes and pine forests. Rich with ethno-heritage, authentic villages and preserved traditional way of life brings an overwhelming experience, while you can still enjoy the full comfort of nice, small mountain hotels between your exciting days on the trails. Extensive network of well marked bike trails makes it easy to choose a route to meet anyone’s expectations.

Central Serbian tour
Southern Serbian tour
Eastern Serbian tour

Iron Gate extras tour

EuroVelo 6 is one of the official European cycling routes, well marked, and with good logistic support, including brochures and maps in several languages. However, thousands of cyclists that pass by during the year wonder what exists in the mountains further from Danube shoreline, but lacking any information, they rarely venture into the unknown wilderness. We know exacly what there is to see, how to get there, and we offer to reveal those secrets exclusively to you as our client! So what do you actually uncover when you venture out on the mystical side of the EuroVelo 6?

If you want to book a tour, or need aditional info, please contact us!