Macedonian tour above clouds

The highest peaks of the Balkans accessible on wheels – 3 times above 2500 m!

September 20-26 2015

Not only that Macedonia has some of the highest mountains in the Balkans, but nowhere can you get so sky-high on wheels like you can climbing all the way to the Pelister peak of Baba mountain, 2600 m above sea. This tour takes you not only to Pelister, but two more 2500+ m peaks, Solunska Glava and Kajmakčalan, takes you down to the beaches of the emerald green lake Ohrid, world's clearest lake, lets you explerience some incredible, high altitude campsites, and inbetween bombards you with ancient culture and heritage, and a chance to taste the spicy Macedonian cuisine. A 4x4 tour of true contrasts, loaded with daily impressions, magnificent views and offroading challenges.