Hunting in Serbia

Land of opportunity for hunters

Dear hunters,

Serbia is an excellent destination for ”BIG” game hunting as well as for ”SMALL” game hunting. On the territory of Serbia a large number of various trophy game live. We can offer You well organized hunting.

1. In spring hunting of quality and strong roe bucks

2. In summer hunting of deer in mating season

3. In October, November and December hunting of chamois.

4. In addition we offer fall and winter hunting of wild boar from stands or drive hinting.

Also, We offer hunting of ”small” game, that is rabbit, pheasant, wild duck and wild goose. Pheasant hunting can be on wild or released pheasants. In winter We offer quality organization of wild duck and goose hunting from a boat with a warm room for relaxation.

We will do our best to achieve Your individual wishes, meet all Your requests and make Your stay in Serbia pleasant.
We will organize Your hunting in Serbia on Your request.

For further inquires and information please do not hesitate to contact us.