Hiking in Serbia

Experience true wilderness in the heart of Europe

Yes, you've seen it all elsewhere.
So why hike in Serbia?

Because you'll get something you won't get in the perfectly marked and prepared Alpine trails.


A chance to experience true, unspoiled wilderness. To feel that you've really left behind the civilization that's watching your every move, not only switched one perfectly regulated environment with another. You don't need an instructions manual to find out what you can, and what you can not do in Serbia. You can let all your senses run wild, take a deep breath and "disappear" in the endless Serbian forests, where wolves and bears are still at home. Under our discrete supervision and protection, you'll feel like you've taken a journey not only in space, but also in time.

And all that in the heart of Europe.

Like being out of this world.

The path you've always dreamed to take.

We've prepared four unique hiking dreamscapes for you, and every one of them can be experienced in the comfort, or survival style.

A place of legends and sorcery

The Homolje mountains are a place where the tradition of gold panning is still alive! So we’ve prepared a 7-day course for you, where you’ll learn this ancient art, while enyoing the scenery full of caves, natural stone arches and deep, enchanting forests full of mushrooms (shorter packages are possible).

Comfort starting at 50 € per day
Survival starting at 25 € per day

Stara planina (Balkan)
The grand wilderness of Serbia

Wild beauty at it’s best

Not only the highest mountain of Serbia, but a place where 90% of the waterfalls are situated, a place of endless highland ridges, raging rivers, numerous botanical reservations, and the largest mountain ridge in the Balkans. Must see!

Comfort starting at 50 € per day
Survival starting at 25 € per day

The mighty Iron Gate
Secrets of the Danube

Magic of the big river

The banks of the Danube in the Iron Gate gorge are the cradle of European civilization, but also a picturesque mountainscape with mesmerizing views of the biggest European river. And the forests inland hold enchanting secrets that we want to share with you!

Comfort starting at 50 € per day
Survival starting at 25 € per day

Tara national park
The place closest to paradise

Home of the bears

Dr. Atkin Clarke, chairman of European national parks association compared Tara to paradise – surrounded by all the deep canyons, with it’s lakes and rich mixed forests, Tara offers some of the most enjoyable and picturesque hikes in Serbia!

Comfort starting at 50 € per day
Survival starting at 25 € per day


In this list you can find the main price table for hiking tours (dependent on the size of the group), as well as the prices of all the optional extras that make up the final price of a hiking tour.


There are different kinds of hikers – while some prefer a warm shower and soft bed after a day’s hike, others like to spend 24 hours a day in the wild with evenings by the campfire. Whichever type you are, we have just what you require! Click to get all the details


Yes, when you head out into serious wilderness, it is important to know how much and what kind of experience your guide has. On this page you can find our CVs.


If you don’t want to (or can’t) walk much, but want to reach some very special places deep in the wild, by renting one of our 4×4 vehicles you can fine tune your daily walks precisely to your preferences. Just let us know how you imagine your tour!